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Tattoo Party

A tattoo party is an event held outside of the Tattoo Shop by a 3rd party and a Topp Dogg Tattoo Artist and piercer is needed. A deposit is paid to lock in the date at least 7 days in advance.

Two artist and a piercer is sent to your party to tattoo and pierce all attendees at the party for a discounted rate (i.e. Tattoo Shop minimum is $50 and Tattoo Party minimum is $35).

The 3rd Party depositor receives 10% commission from each tattoo done at the party (i.e. tattoo cost $50, the house gets $5. Tattoo cost $80, the house gets $8. Tattoo cost $120, the house gets $12).

If 10 or more people get tattoos at the party, the house will also receive a free palm sized tattoo along with the 10% commission at the end of the night.

Tattoo Parties are designed for people to get small tattoos done in a clean comfortable environment among friends and family. They are fun and make for great activity at parties. The purpose is for the host/hostess to receive some free work and recoup as much of their deposit as possible. All big work, heavy detailed, and sleeve work will be consulted, price quoted, and referred to one of our shop locations for a later time.

Our price quote offer is good for 7 days after the party. All parties require deposits paid in full to lock in the date.

$150 deposit gets 2 tattoo artist and 1 piercer.

All last minute parties made less than 7 days in advance prices double to $300 as well as all party dates held on holidays such as Christmas, Independence Day, New Year, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, and etc..

For more info, contact us 202-780-5226

Tattoo Party Payment

Artist Deposit
Date and Time of Party