6516e Central Ave Capitol Heights, Maryland

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Topp Dogg Tattoos was started by Daryl “Tattoo Doctor/Infa Redz” Moore-Stone, a 17 year tattoo artist under the teachings of Mitchell “Stitch/MD” Pettus in 2002. Both artists started out designing shirts for what was back then, “Big Time” clothing companies such as Rugid Wear, DDTP, Vonteff, and other companies. They both felt that one of the biggest honors as an artist is for someone to wear their work on their skin and worked hard perfecting their craft. Since then, Redz has opened a number of locations and taught and or employed many of the DMV great tattoo artists names such as, Tattootech 414, Tattoo P, CoverUp King, Tattoo Tone, Cris Montana, Tattoo Jay, Sebastion, Tatted Lo, Cyriz One-Touch, Black Mamba,Trey Needlez, Tattoo Ty and many more great artists.

Our present staff value great artwork and customer service. We have 2 locations, Rockville and Cap Heights with a full staff of Professional tattoo artist and piercers ready to customize your tattoo to fit your style and budget. We are Metro rail accessible (close to redline Twinbrook and blueline Addison Road metro stations) and we do Tattoo Parties and events.

Call 202-780-5226 for more info or to book an appointment or party.